[vc_row][vc_column width=»1/1″][vc_column_text]Felix: Buenos días Radioyentes, Good morning!! Aquí estamos de nuevo como cada Martes y Viernes, sin faltar a nuestras clases de inglés con BLUE ELEPHANT ROOM en la radio y nuestra sesión 57.

Hoy de nuevo sesión con nuestro Teacher Steve y nuestro estudiante de Blue Elephant Room Nicolás, que como hemos descubierto en anteriores sesiones “amante del futbol”  y con nuevos proyectos en lo que le requieren mejorar su inglés y ahí está haciéndolo con nuestra academia de la localidad de Sant Joan “BLUE ELEPHANT ROOM” y hoy aquí está de nuevo con su TEACHER para traernos mucho inglés interesante para todos los radioyentes.

Good morning Steve and good morning Nicolás.

Steve. Hello everyone, how are you Nicolas ?

Nicolás. very well, Steve and I´m looking forward to the class.

Steve. That´s good. Do you have news, anything interesting happening in your life ?

Nicolás. Not really. I am doing a lot of studying, making my subuteo football stadium and planning for my future.

Steve. that´s good. So today then let´s get straight to work. In the last class you were using the present simple and using some useful vocabulary and although the listeners didn´t know I gave you some homework to do.

Nicolás. Yes you did it was difficult.

Steve. Ok then can you tell the listeners what you had to do.

Nicolás. I had to think of a friend or a member of my family and I had to write a short story about him using the present simple, the present simple negative and some questions but I don’t think I can do that.

Steve. Ok Nicolas so then who is your friend and I hope that he or she is interesting. Don´t forget to speak slowly and clearly so that the listeners can understand.

Félix: El “Teacher” además puso en la última sesión HOMEWORKS (deberes) para Nicolás así que ahí vamos y Steve le ha pedido que hable claro CLEARLY y despacio SLOWLY para que los radioyentes nos puedan seguir, así que adelante Nicolás.

Nicolás. My friend is Jose and he lives near me in Sant Juan. He works with another friend of mine and he is a doctor. He comes from Madrid and his family still live there and he visits them every month. He wants to move to London because in England there are a lot of jobs and he wants his children to go to an English school. He plays padel in his free time and he plays the violin in an orchestra.

Every July he goes to the north of Spain because he prefers the cooler weather in the summer and sometimes if I have time I stay with him in his small house in the country. He loves his house because it is near a river and in a valley. He doesn´t really like big cities so I don´t know why he wants to go to London. He says it is because London is a collection of hundreds of different towns and villages and because London is so green he feels like it is the north of Spain.

He asked me recently if I want to live in London and I said only long enough to watch some football because Alicante is still the best place to live.

Félix: Bueno, Bueno vaya deberes bien hechos, ¿no Steve? What do you think?

Steve. That´s really good Nicolas. I can´t think of any mistakes except for some pronunciation. You have used some good verbs, live, works, wants, plays…..padel . jugar, plays the violin, tocar, move, prefers, loves likes, know.

What are the Spanish verbs for live etc etc etc ?

Nicolás vivir……. etc etc

Steve . excellent

Nicolás. Steve I am confused about where you put the words like always, sometimes, never.

Felix: Atentos a la pregunta de nuestro comentario” WHERE YOU PUT ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER, “ etc…¿Donde se coloca el adverbio. Siempre, a veces, nunca….?

Steve. Good question Nicolas. Some of them go in the same place as in Spanish but other are different. For example.

Mila always buys me a coffee on Friday mornings. Subject, adverb, verb

Maria never does her homework …..between the subject and the verb

I don´t often catch the bus …..between the negative auxiliary and the verb, catch.

I usually go to Valencia at the weekend to watch football

So Nicolas can you give me some examples

Nicolas. I always listen to my English teacher and I sometimes talk Spanish in my class.

I do my homework every Thursday and I usually meet my friends at Castaños on a Saturday afternoon.

Steve- OK that´s enough for now. I think you understand oh and before we finish I want to ask you about some things that you say in certain situations. I heard a Spanish person yesterday in an English bar in Campello and he said to the barman , I want beer and chips, Now this is very good because he is practising his English, It´s fantastic but what should he say.

Nicolás. Excuse me I want a beer

Steve: Yes that´s OK but in English it sounds a little mal educado……rude

Excuse me I´d like a beer please or excuse me could I have a beer please or can I have some chips please.

Félix: VERY VERY IMPORTANT como pedir un refresco si lo quieres hacer en inglés y para hacerlo correctamente EXCUSE ME I WOULD LIKE A BEER PLEASE.

Bueno, bueno…. Lo que aprendemos en estas clases……

Nicolás. Excuse me I´d like a coke please

Steve. certainly, would you like a large, medium or small

Nicolás. I´d like a large please, with ice

Steve. no problem, would you like anything else

Nicolas. Yes I´d like some chips please

Steve. With salt and vinegar

Nicolás. No thanks but I´d like some ketchup

Steve: Imagine you are in a restaurant

Nicolás. Can I see the menu please

Steve. Certainly sir,

At the end of the meal

Steve. was everything fine sir

Nicolás. yes lovely thank you, could I have the bill please ?

Steve: yes of course, there you are.

Steve: Excellent so remember. I´d like……… could I have……..can I have……..Do you have any lemonade ?, do you have any bread ?

OK Nicolas well done.

next week a nice long conversation see you.

Félix: Una vez más que decir de nuestras sesiones de radio en inglés con BLUE ELEPHANT ROOM, interesantísima, hoy practica del presente simple en todas sus formas afirmativas, interrogativas y negativas y terminamos practicando, como podemos pedir en una cafetería de manera educada un refresco..

Recuerda todos los Martes y Viernes a las 8h en nuestra emisora Radio Club San Juan tu sesión de inglés con nuestra academia de la localidad Blue Elephant Room situada en Calle Doctor Van Der Hofstadt, 2.

Bye bye.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=»grey»][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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